• 25+ Years of Expertise
  • Cross-Functional Solutions
  • Outside-In Thinking

Works at the intersection of
Business, Technology & Customer

The idea of ‘ThinkShop‘ began with a web-design studio in 1999 called ‘UncommonWisdom’.

It subsequently took the form of a Consulting firm focused on Technology solutions & Customer Engagement (2013-2017).

This enterprise marks its third iteration.


25+ Years of Expertise
Cross-Functional Solutions
Outside-In Thinking

Works at the intersection of
Business, Technology & Customer

The tech edge

Today, every business is 'Digital'...

Digital Transformation

Leverage Digital platforms and processes to achieve your Business goals

Customer Experience

CX is how you turn prospects into customers, and customers into advocates

CDO / CIO as a Service

All the value of a 'Chief Digital Officer' (or CIO), at a fraction of the cost

Leadership Advisory

Leadership & Board members both benefit from a Digital Expert on their side

Audits & Workshops

Accelerate success through Objective assessments and Skill development


Solutions that work

  • CX Roadmap for a diversified Financial Services group, spanning Retail to Institutional businesses
  • Design and development of a ‘Career Portal’ for an Insurance major >> 15,000+ leads in weeks
  • Information Architecture for a website with 100,000+ pages >> Significant traction seen in months
  • UX for one of the most advanced Trading Platforms in the country >> Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
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What we do

At your service

Transformation is, ultimately, about aligning platforms, processes and people with a common objective.

We can help you on your end-to-end transformation journey, from Project Scoping and Vendor Selection to Program Management and Process Redesign

You can engage with us on Retainer as well as Project basis

Your brand is experienced by your customers through countless moments of truth.

We can help you build a robust CX program (and turn customers into advocates!), by working with you from Goal Setting to the Program Design. We even offer Project Management services, if needed.

You can engage with us on Retainer as well as Project basis

A ‘Chief Digital Officer‘ (CDO or CIDO) role is a cross-functional role that requires a deep understanding of Business, as well as the ability to orchestrate internal and external stakeholders.

CDOs typically straddle multiple functions, including Technology, CX,  Digital Strategy and Go-To-Market, to be effective in their role.

Get started on your Digital-First journey by retaining the services of an on-demand CDO, that can help you create the blueprint for a Digital Office and develop a scalable roadmap for your business.

Today, every Business is Digital. Give your enterprise the edge it needs by leveraging Technology to the fullest.

Retain the services of a ‘Digital Native’ who understands the complexities of today’s business environment, as an advisor to your Board and Senior Leadership team.

Your Digital Advisor is also certified as an Independent Director by IICA and IOD Global.

This is a bespoke service that will be tailored as per your unique needs.

Ultimately, success in CX or Digital cannot be achieved without effective communication.

Tactically, we help you review existing channels and communication elements to determine what needs to change, define the right mix of physical and digital modes, and design an ideal workflow for the creation and approval of new content.

Strategically, we also help create Communication Guidelines that can serve as a blueprint for all new communication elements, across functions. 

Not ready to commit to the complete CX roadmap yet, but keen on getting started?

A ‘Customer Journey Mapping‘ exercise can be a great tool to assess your end-to-end process, as your customers experience it.

The idea is to reveal critical gaps across your multi-channel touchpoints, including a reality assessment of actual Buyer behavior.

If you offer web or mobile journeys to your customers, it’s time to run a Quality check.

Get a UX Audit of your digital assets (web or app) to know where you stand, and how it impacts your customers. 

The output is a crisp, no-obligation report that you can action at your end. Of course, we can also help you take it to the next level, if you so choose. 

We provide a wide range of Training programs and bespoke Workshops, on topics as diverse as Digital Mindset, Customer Centricity and Change Management.

And, all our programs can be tailored to Senior Leadership, Executive or Mid-level Managers, as needed.

Please reach out if you have a specific need not covered above.

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At a glance

25+ years of expertise

  • Adept at Strategy as well as Execution
  • Ex Microsoft, Aegon Life, Experian, ICICI and others
  • Cross-Functional Leader in Digital Transformation and CX
  • Deep domain expertise with top-tier clients, across industries
  • Worked with startups, SMEs, large-scale enterprises & MNCs

Certified as an Independent Director for Board positions by IICA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India) and IOD Global

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Naveen Bachwani

Voice of Customer

"Naveen effortlessly peels away the layers of possibilities and opportunities, revealing what matters most.
His ability to navigate through complexities, and focus on what truly matters, is unparalleled."
Kunal Tomar
CEO, AskGalore Digital
His experience and profound knowledge on the subject added a lot of value
Ajay Menon
COO, Motilal Oswal
A thorough professional with a very clear thought process
Puneet Singhania
CEO, Master Trust
His methodical approach, and understanding of industry & client needs, set him apart
Mukund Barrsagade
CFO, Experian India
Deep experience, mature handling of varied issues and a never-say-cannot-do attitude
Shabnam Panjwani
CMO, Edelweiss Group
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“Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

What's New

Conducted a workshop on Digital Transformation led Product Development @ NMIMS in Feb 2023

Featured at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, as a part of the Photographic Society of India’s Exhibition in Jan 2023

Speaker: The Technology Edge in Financial Services at BFSI Tech Summit (Sep ’22)

Naveen Bachwani

Consultant | Author | Speaker | Faculty | Entrepreneur | Photographer

  • Sr. Director & Industry Advisor at Microsoft for Cloud & Enterprise Solutions (2021-2023)
  • Member of Aegon India’s Leadership team and its Regional SteerCo (2020-2021)
  • Charter Member of the Customer Council at Edelweiss Group (2018-2020)
  • Member of the India Management Council at Experian India (2012-2013)
  • Winner at the first-ever ICICI Group Quality Awards in Process Excellence (2008)